South Wimbledon Station

South Wimbledon station

Instructions for local and intergalactic travellers and people among.

At Multiverse, visit second world on 5th dimension.

Maintain right on towards Universe Centre before you reach the Laniakea supercluster.

Follow signs for Galactic Local Group before you get to the Milky Way. In the event that you go Andromeda Galaxy or Triangulum galaxy you have got gone past an acceptable limit and certainly will want to change at the after that junction.

Manage into Milky Way and soon you achieve the Orion-Cygnus supply where you will see our Solar System around 25, 000 light-years from galaxy rim.

Turn left and head for world- third world from our Sun.

Enter orbit and locate Eurasia land mass before entering atmosphere.

We advise you reduce velocity at this stage to avoid speed cameras.

Island of Great Britain is based on North-western tip of Europe in Atlantic Ocean.

Using world coordinates, continue steadily to Latitude 51.408118 Longitude -0.187353, into the Southwest quarter of money town London.

For more main-stream travel:

The Mystery Cube is located at 19 Deer Park path, Wimbledon London SW19 3UX

We have no set aside parking. Maybe you are capable of finding on-street parking close by. Contact us for more info in the event that you want to drive.

Nearest Tube: South Wimbledon (north range) – 10-15 small stroll map

From place exit turn left and mind south in the Merton / Morden road (A219).
If you see Wickes to remain the left-hand side turn left within AFTER THAT possibility (Jubilee method) after that turn right into Deer Park Road (it really is 2nd exit off small roundabout).
Keep walking. Seek out the 2 storey white-painted building regarding the left-hand part after the Police organizations.

Instead you are able to get a coach (quantity 93) from Southern Wimbledon to Morden path Tram avoid then follow guidelines below.

Nearest Tram: Morden path (Tram number 3, connects Wimbledon & Croydon)– 5 minute stroll map

Visit Lombard Road
Switch right into Deer Park Path
Keep walking to check out both storey white-painted in the left hand part following the Police organizations.

Nearest Mainline Stations chart
Wimbledon: Rail, Tram and District Line
Mitcham Junction: Rail and Tram (number 3)

See also:
  • Отделка пола чем застелить пол.
Train Passing Through Wimbledon Station
Train Passing Through Wimbledon Station
Trains at Wimbledon station 5/5/10
Trains at Wimbledon station 5/5/10
South West Trains services at Wimbledon
South West Trains services at Wimbledon
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