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Wimbledon Tennis courts

Wimbledon Park Tennis Kiosk

To book a tennis-court at Wimbledon Park, phone the kiosk on 020 8879 0611 within following times:

Day Starting times
Mon - Fri

9am - 10.30am

5pm - 8pm (5pm in winter season)

Sat -Sun 9am - 8pm (5pm in winter months)

You could arrive and pay and play on the day.

Pay and play

Generally speaking our courts run on a first-come-first-served foundation. Only begin playing and a member of staff will come and take your money. You can find different plans for Dundonald Recreation Ground.

Wimbledon Park

Wimbledon Park Cost each hour
Grownups - night and weekends £9.50
Adults - Monday to Friday to 5.00pm £8.40
Commercial price (adult) £13.60
Commercial price (concession) £11.50

Please note that membership for Wimbledon Park playing tennis process of law stopped from 1 April 2012.

Joseph Hood Recreation Floor

Joseph Hood Recreation Ground's tennis process of law tend to be free.

Other process of law

All the other process of law
Tennis Coaches (adults)
Tennis mentors (junior) £11.60

Contact us

Leisure and Customs Services

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Wimbledon Tennis Court Fashion
Wimbledon Tennis Court Fashion
Wimbledon 2014 experience - Around Tennis Courts, Centre
Wimbledon 2014 experience - Around Tennis Courts, Centre ...
Wimbledon Tennis Court
Wimbledon Tennis Court
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