Wimbledon Bikram

We created a selection of classes where there is something for all of us. Whatever your level of fitness, your daily schedule or your yoga capability. All our courses deliver the exact same awesome healthy benefits, and will all transform you against the interior away.

Timeless (90 minute course).

The ever-popular initial Bikram 26 position sequence, discussion led by our qualified instructors. The show becomes more challenging and cardiovascular while taken through the preliminary standing positions, which are after that accompanied by a floor series of deeper positions regarding mats, completing with respiration and relaxation.

Express (60 minute class).

All the above, we’ve just been able to press it-all into only one hour. It’s absolutely well suited for before and after work. Be sure it nevertheless provides most of the benefits and feel-good results. This course works more difficult on your stamina and heart and really helps to build your 90 mins courses.

A broad amount class at a moderate heat and features many positions which aren’t an element of the Bikram training, in a streaming sequence. The focus inside course is on upper body strengthening, deep hip orifice, some twisting and shoulder orifice, butt toning and core building….working 100percent of human anatomy. It develops alignment while creating energy, stamina and mobility and a very good connection with the breathing, while you undertake the series through the rhythm of breathing in.

A deliciously deep and conscious rehearse where floor-based positions are held for 3-5 moments. This allows the body to gradually stretch and relax. Knots in muscle fibres may release and power can move freely through the human body. Many times your self experiencing ‘lifted’ and ‘light’ after a Yin Yoga class. By keeping we are able to allow stillness to arrive within the actual human anatomy. Through this stilling we produce a space to witness the sensations in the torso and variations of mind, emotions and breathing. This training truly helps to stabilize our Yang lifestyles. Increases mobility and mobility, particularly in sides, sacrum and spine. Helps Lower tension amounts, Strengthening and lubrication of joints. What’s never to like!? Oh… plus the heats off.

Our user-friendly but difficult general amount class. Hip openers, deep twists, chest muscles strengtheners, bum and ab toners, this totally rounded workout works 100percent of human body. Its a mix of Hatha, Power and Ashtanga yoga, Interval and Core Training and provides top fitness, energy, freedom and leisure. Performed to music this class is made to develop a sense of enjoyment and freedom and allow one’s breathing and energy to fuel the practise. This class is the centre talked of all the classes plus the class all of them originate from. Crucial benefits: chest muscles, power, toned bum and abs, sophistication and fluidity, deep expression of the self.

Deep Core(75 minutes)

The deepest extend truth be told there. Ideal for novices and advanced pupils alike, this can be an alignment class, both encouraging and soothing. Floor-based, permitting us to drop any desire to “perform” and link deeply with human anatomy and air. Made to realign postural problems and discharge stress, the slowly rate allows time for you use accidents, learn proper alignment and work with mobility. Key advantages:Deep hip opening, knee stretching, learning alignment, and developing flexibility.

Candlelit course.

Now available on Friday night 5.30pm and Sunday 5pm. We’ve added soothing candle light to create our evening class a gently relaxing and restorative one. Light amounts are low adequate to bathe you in a glow, but bright adequate to see what you'll want to. A sensible way to end the week, also to finish the weekend.

Classes with Music.

Now available on choose teachers classes. We're presenting more classes with music. Which can be because of popular demand by our pupils. It Is Hard to obtain the tunes right, but when you do….. It rocks the class!!! (always check routine for details) Enjoy the experience of exercising with songs. Design on specially selected playlists. We guarantee to take one to a new amount of leisure and also to be totally immersed within these session.


The workshops start by using you to the fundamentals of breathing, existence and alignment whilst the spot that to construct a powerful, powerful practice. By centring the workshop around and concentrating on framework and positioning of positions and proper respiration technique, the workshop offers good, solid basis and knowledge of simple tips to practise Bikram yoga the correct way, recovering the human body and helping centre your brain.

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