Wimbledon Women s Final

Wimbledon Womens final

Right, that's your great deal. Thanks for joining with what turned out to be a disappointingly lopsided event. Let us hope Saturday's last is much more of a contest.


These do not make good reading for Maria Sharapova, but anyway here are the key match stats using this afternoon's match.


Williams kept peaceful in her post-match meeting, as she yet again quashed any talk for the 'Serena Slam'.


And here is ...

The finish with regards to arrived was fast certainly. Serena Williams dispatched Maria Sharapova through the women’s singles with a speed which was brutal. Within the last game associated with semi-final, Williams produced four aces and a double fault. Sharapova would not lay a racket on the ball.

If Russian had not taken way too long ongoing over her serve, when you look at the repetitive compulsions of the woman little dances, the unlimited bouncing for the basketball before she finally strikes it, she'd happen back the locker space in under an hour or so. Since 2005, Williams has beaten her Russian opponent 17 times without response. As rivalries get, this can be as one-sided while they come, less a competition than a procession.


Ridiculous numbers from Williams these days - both on ther serve, but additionally in the return. To make Sharapova into winning simply 29per cent of points on the 2nd offer is fantastic, and if she applies the maximum amount of pressure on Muguruza on Saturday, she could well be racking up another comprehensive win.


Therefore, it really is a Williams v Muguruza final, additionally the American will needless to say go into that much favourite. She ended up being imperious against Sharapova at the moment, and it has been getting better because the event gets on. The one ray of light the Spaniard, and expect to hear this lots next couple of days, is the fact that she overcome Williams at French Open a year ago. Overall though Serena features a 2-1 head-to-head record over Saturday's opponent, including a three-set win as of this year's Australian Open.

— Ben Rothenberg (@BenRothenberg)


On a slightly less heavy note, we have come up with a compliation of .


Serena speaks...

"I'm really excited. I happened to be slightly stressed, but so excited to get through it. I was thinking she played effectively, and when she stepped up her game, I was in a position to besides.

"It wasn't simple available to you.

"Muguruza has outdone myself before, she is a truly good player, therefore will not be a straightforward match. I'll be battling lots.

"the impression of having into the last gets better.

Williams 6-2, 6-4 Sharapova

Three aces and a double fault start the video game, as Maria just walks backwards and forwards between things. Two match things for Serena...and she takes initial one this time around. Game, set and match.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk
Live Wimbledon 2014 Womens Singles FINAL Coverage
Live Wimbledon 2014 Womens Singles FINAL Coverage
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live Wimbledon 2014 Womens Singles FINAL on tv
live Wimbledon 2014 Womens Singles FINAL on tv
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