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Wimbledon Park parking

Devices either accept payment by:

  • coin (20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins), or
  • credit/debit card (processor chip & Pin or contactless card)

There is certainly at least cost of 20p, that will buy a tremendously little while of time. Costs per hour will be different by street. You can examine just before travel.

Payment devices

You should always look at the pay and display device highly relevant to in which your vehicle is parked for current information about the pay and show costs that utilize. Arrows on the parking bay signs will direct you to the machine you need to use. The machines usually do not offer modification.


You will find three primary pay and screen tariffs which use in several areas throughout managed parking areas (CPZs) in Wandsworth.

Standard tariff

This tariff applies within the majority of provided usage (license holder/pay and display) parking bays in CPZs for the borough, that offer an optimum stay of 4 hours or more.

High tariff

This tariff relates to shared use and pay and display just bays near city centers, where a shorter optimum remain (usually some hours) can be obtained.

Low tariff

This tariff relates to some shared usage (permit holder/pay and screen) and pay and screen only parking bays which were recognized as being under-used. These bays often enable an all-day stay.

They are situated in:

  • Birdhurst Path SW18
  • Blackshaw Road SW17
  • Grant Path SW11
  • Magdalen Road SW18
  • Maskell Road SW18
  • Podmore Road SW18
  • Spencer Park SW18
  • Wimbledon Park Path SW19
Source: www.wandsworth.gov.uk
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