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Martial Arts Wimbledon

Welcome to Lil'Dragons, our expert martial arts classes for children aged 4-7. If you child has actually ever before imagined becoming Kung Fu Panda and in case you prefer your child to build up co-ordination, confidence and collaboration all while having fun then our Lil'Dragons kid's fighting techinques tend to be a fantastic!

Lil'Dragon's Class Times

Monday 5:00pm- 5:45pm Lil'Dragon's Children’s Martial Arts / All capabilities / ages 4-7 Wimbledon

Wednesday 5:15pm – 6:00pm Lil'Dragon's Children’s Martial Arts / All Abilities / ages 4-7 Wimbledon

Friday 5:15pm – 6:00pm Lil'Dragon's Children’s Martial Arts / All Abilities / centuries 4-7 Wimbledon

Saturday 9:00am – 9:45am Lil'Dragon's Children’s fighting techinques / All Abilities / ages 4-7 Wimbledon

"perfect for my 4 yr old which loves planning minimal Dragons. You can view he listens better after planning course and really loves understanding. He calls the course his "kung fu Panda" class."

H. Vishjager, Parent of a Lil'Dragon.

About Lil'Dragon's Courses & Kids Martial Arts

Lil'Dragon's teaches significantly more than fighting techinques. It shows kiddies is great residents and also to prepares them for a lifetime, or at least school. It offers units on security and life abilities. These help the students become well rounded by establishing the kid's social, mental, actual and intellectual development.

The fighting styles factor is non-contact with this age-group, but there is still a lot of pad-work using specifically
designed soft shields so that they can kick and strike and figure out how to co-ordinate their particular left from right and develop their motor skills.

Alongside the actual facet of the class addititionally there is circle amount of time in that the kids engage in a certain topic during a period of six weeks and revolves around an essential life ability which are explained within typical course below...

An average Lil'Dragon's Course

Entering a Lil'Dragon's course for the first time is extremely exciting, firstly your youngster is introduced to 'Sir' or 'Miss' that will be their particular teacher the class. Then it's shoes and socks off and straight onto the protective mats where the teacher will buddy your kid with regular members of the course of a similar age to enable them to immediately feel safe.

We respect of course that when it comes to high grade moms and dads may wish to stay and watch their child and seating is supplied but we do strongly emphasise in an attempt to be quite definitely into the history as our knowledge is without their particular moms and dads kids concentrate far better!

Warm-up exercises begin right after paying 'respects to your dojo' and reciting the Lil'Dragon's creed. All Lil'Dragon's must discover the words and activities for this and it is a powerful way to assist them to go into the best mentality when it comes to processes to follow.

As of this amount, children are required to learn standard obstructs, blows and kicks which tend to be done on soft shields, never ever for each various other! which is instilled from time one which what they're learning is a sport, and not anything to be utilized in playground. Like many fighting techinques groups there is the opportunity to level and start to become given a coloured belt while you progress through the practices. Grading occurs around every 4 months and is part of the concept program and although it is optional we encourage all children to give it a chance since it is a great way to observe your son or daughter's skills tend to be advancing.

Kid's fighting styles Classes can be quite loud, and we also encourage it! Which is as the noise should come from them all sounding their particular 'keei' a noise this is certainly made once they conduct any strategy. This indicates dedication to the strategy and you will certainly be amazed how to start with numerous young ones could be a little shy to do this but a few days their self-confidence has grown adequate to be totally involved.

Another important therefore we think unique facet of our Lil'Dragon's courses is Circle Time. Every single other week kids are given homework on a specific topic and their group time activities and homework all get towards an easy summary or test where they could earn a badge to sew on their consistent, just like Cubs or Beavers.

Topics Include:

Life Skills:

  • Balance
  • Co-operation
  • Co-ordination
  • Discipline
  • Workout
  • Hearing
  • Memory
  • Respect
  • Nourishment

Security Topics:

  • Fire protection
  • First aid
  • Wellness
  • Getaway security
  • Home protection
  • Stranger understanding
  • Traffic security
  • Weather Condition
  • Bully buster
Source: www.holistic-fitness.net
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