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West Wimbledon Primary School

I would state it is a secure and caring environment. They have had the chance to spend additional time with class mates including hanging out with teenagers which is great for their particular self-confidence. They always enjoy going and as moms and dads we feel very grateful having such outstanding system operating from our school” – Jude, parent of kid at West Wimbledon Afterschool Club.

We make an effort to offer and advertise a superior quality Afterschool Club which satisfies the needs of all of the kiddies. Our Afterschool Club motivates and aids the freedom to freely play, select their activities and show their creativity to greatly help develop their particular self-esteem and confidence.

The Afterschool Club encourages the rights of the child and motivates risky play to develop their particular freedom of phrase.

We prepare and prepare freely plumped for and adult lead activities throughout our sessions, which the kiddies can freely decide to engage. The kids help with our planning and just how we run our Afterschool Club how we do by voting and responding to our termly surveys.

An excellent treat, fruit, water and juice can be obtained through the mid-day.


Grab the Registration and Consent Form.
Down load the Terms and Conditions.

Services available

  • Wrap Around hut on location in the college
  • Separate cooking area where we prepare our entire treat and any baking activities
  • Outside location where children might have freely access during free play
  • Separate Girls/Boys and handicapped lavatory
  • Disabled use of outside play


Schools we gather from: West Wimbledon Primary School.

The After School Club staff collects kiddies from West Wimbledon Primary School at 3.10pm, and then the children go into the hut in 2 groups where After School Club is based.

Parent pick-up time: 6pm.

Typical activities: Totally Free Enjoy, Messy Enjoy, Creative Arts and Design, Risky Enjoy, Group/Team Building, Football, Role Enjoy, Junk Modeling, Gardening, Baking.

Typical treat: Brioche, Hummus and greens, Mini Wraps with Salad, Yoghurt and Rice Cake.

Contact details

Ofsted quantity: EY482635

1 day/ week 2 days/ week 3 times/ few days 4 times/ week 5 times/ week
1st kid 16 26 36 44.00 50.00
2nd son or daughter 14.40 23.40 32 39.60 45.00

For more information or even to book somewhere at after college club, please contact Becky on the important points above.

Source: www.ymcalsw.org
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