Extension D / Route 5[edit]

Tram from Croydon to Wimbledon

Tramlink overran the previous western Croydon–Wimbledon railway line, which sealed for conversion to tram procedure on 2nd June 1997. The tram line makes use of the size of the railroad alignment from Wimbledon, including element of a platform in Wimbledon railway section, in terms of the previous junction with the West Croydon–Sutton railroad line. The tram line is related into the city centre cycle by a viaduct over this railway and a brief element of street track. The range started as a Tramlink course on 30th might 2000.

The Wimbledon range has several single-track areas, several of that are necessitated by restricted clearances in the formation or by brand-new bridges built to single track width. Previous railway stations about this line have all already been changed by tram stops, and supplemented by stops at brand-new areas. The Tramlink depot is about this line, next to Therapia Lane end.

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Reeves Corner–Therapia Lane

At Reeves Corner, the Wimbledon path simply leaves the one-way city center cycle. Trams from Croydon depart Church Street end and proceed straight on during the junction, onto Cairo New Road. Trams from Wimbledon bear left at Reeves Corner junction to participate town center loop towards western Croydon place. On Cairo brand new Road is Reeves Corner tram end, that has just one platform for usage by Croydon-bound trams only (Wimbledon-bound trams stop as an alternative on nearby Church Street end).

After Reeves Corner stop, the range narrows to single track since it passes underneath the Roman Way flyover, and veers left to run alongside the West Croydon–Sutton railroad range. The tramway crosses this range by viaduct to achieve the alignment regarding the previous West Croydon–Wimbledon railway range, which after that it follows completely to the terminus. The very first end on previous railroad range is at Wandle Park, alongside the playground of the identical title, where range becomes double track once more.

Next comes Waddon Marsh, where the railway place of this name happens to be replaced by a tram end further east towards Croydon. Ampere Method, which acts retail developemnts like the IKEA superstore, on the site of Croydon B power place, is followed by Therapia Lane. Soon after this stop could be the Tramlink depot, that has usage of operating outlines both in directions.

Therapia Lane–Wimbledon

After Therapia Lane the range crosses Beddington Lane at a rate crossing, after that passes through Beddington Lane stop, on the internet site of Beddington Lane Halt, and the line singles again. Mitcham Junction is reached by viaduct on the railway line to Sutton, which changed the flat junctions here. West Croydon–Wimbledon range teaches used equivalent platforms as Sutton range trains, but Tramlink has its own seperate systems on south-side associated with the place.

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