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Wimbledon Driving lessons

Driving classes in Wimbledon

Britannia Driving class in Wimbledon (SW19 & SW20)- expert, affordable Automatic and Manual Driving classes by Friendly town Instructors

Free concept Test trained in our air-conditioned, fully equipped class room in Wimbledon Chase. This facility is available totally free to all the our clients to assist them to pass the Theory Test first time-please phone for details.
  • Road traffic regulations and traffic signs
  • Driver behaviour on your way
  • Driving in numerous road and traffic problems
  • Other motorists while the dangers involved
  • General guidelines, regulations and protection issues
  • Road and vehicle protection
  • Environmental issues

Areas to apply Manoeuvres

Our DSA (Operating guidelines department) licensed operating trainers will build up novices operating abilities increasingly utilizing a number of practice areas close to Wimbledon.

Moving down Stopping: Poplor path in Merton Park is a great destination to practice Moving off Stopping/Mirror use by the newbie learner driver. The very best end of Mostyn Road- approaching Martin Way-can be employed to exercise Uphill and Downhill Starts.

complimentary Hazard Perception TrainingTurn in path (incorrectly called three point turn): The turn-in the trail are rehearsed in Erridge Road Wimbledon

Reversing (into a restricted orifice): in which Erridge Road meets Hazelbury Close tend to be appropriate corners doing remaining and correct reverses

Reverse Park: Cottenham Park path is great for Reverse Park workout

Crisis Stop: a beneficial place to train for the Emergency avoid is Cambridge Road, which will be just off Coombe Lane Wimbledon

Test Centre Address
10 Tudor Drive

Pass Rate

2004-2005 49.7percent
2005-2006 49.6per cent


Commodes, handicapped access-special plans are made if you have a disability, Parking-No car parking is present, park on Tudor Drive.

Wimbledon doesn’t have actually an operating test center, so most of our driving instructors utilize the Morden Test Centre. Our Driving Instructors Wimbledon know all the DSA (Driving guidelines department) official test roads and can rehearse students throughout the routes just before their test. Test paths tend to be subject to alteration during the discretion regarding the DSA examiner.

Ahead of the operating part of the test begins, you're expected to see a car or truck quantity plate from a distance of 20.5 meters (67 foot). If you fail, the driving part of the test will not proceed, and you will drop your fee. If you need glasses or contact lenses use them from the outset.

“Thank you Britannia and special big compliment of my trainer James for training us to drive and helping us to pass my test first time. James is extremely patient, supporting and expert trainer. He had been always encouraging, reassuring and good, making every course very enjoyable. James assisted build confidence and then he thought in me. It is often a total pleasure and priceless knowledge mastering from James. I would personally suggest him and Britannia. PS. Closely watching for those of you VIPs traveling.” Jasmina Japundz-Wimbledon, London

Britannia addresses Wimbledon with both automated and handbook classes and intensive driving programs. Areas covered feature:

Wimbledon Village, Wimbledon Common, Parkside, Raynes Park, Merton Park, Wimbledon Park and surrounding areas

Learn to Drive with expert man or woman Instructor by calling us by phone, email, live talk or

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Driving School in Wimbledon
Driving School in Wimbledon
Wimbledon Driving School Help Jordan McDermott From
Wimbledon Driving School Help Jordan McDermott From ...
Wimbledon Driving School Are Helping Maggie Doyle From
Wimbledon Driving School Are Helping Maggie Doyle From ...
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