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Wimbledon Borough Council

How do I contact my councillor?

Charges 2016-2017

Band Principal part of the borough
(annual charge)
Wimbledon Popular Area*
(yearly fee)
£918.83 £936.81
£1071.98 £1092.95
£1225.11 £1249.08
£1378.25 £1405.22
£1684.52 £1717.49
£1990.81 £2029.77
£2297.08 £2342.03
£2756.50 £2810.44

* For properties within a three-quarter-mile distance of Wimbledon typical there is certainly yet another cost, known as a levy, which we pass to your for upkeep associated with typical. To learn if a house is in this location please call us.

Appeal against your council taxation band or bill

Beware of frauds! Some businesses request money to challenge your council tax band. This can be done your self for free.

Next year's charges

Council income tax fees tend to be published here as soon as possible after the Council Budget conference in March each year.

Empty properties

We charge 50per cent additional council taxation for properties which were unoccupied and considerably unfurnished for 2 years or even more.

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