GBK Restaurant

Gourmet Burger Wimbledon


In Duke of York Square Monday to Sunday, Startisans is a hub for start up food stalls specialising in quirky, imaginative dishes.

Submitted by Clodagh

Brunello Cucinelli

Luxurious Italian clothes within the heart of Chelsea.

Posted by Simon

Liz Earle

Premium skincare with reduced cost, but worth every penny!

Kate Spade

The right destination to pick-up a gift for the feamales in your life - classic handbags and luxurious add-ons.

The Great Lifetime Eatery

For many things healthy but tasty! The 'Choc Norris' smoothie (Almond milk, raw cacao, avocado, banana, almond hazelnut butter) is a superb choice...

Duke of York Square

Seeing Wimbledon on a bright day in Duke of York Square is an excellent way to pass the day! There is market every Saturday selling upmarket, handmade products and meals.

Submitted by Hayley


KX (obvious Kicks) is a private people health and fitness center for elite customers on Draycott Avenue, with a spa, gym and restaurant. Famous for its popular yet discrete members.

Burton Legal

Hire a cricket pitch or get help from a playing tennis advisor into the reasons of the grand Royal Hospital Chelsea.


Luxurious leather-based items with a tremendously high price, but ideal for special occasions and snacks.


Set alongside Chelsea's upmarket boutiques, Browns could be the perfect place to pick-up designer women's clothing.

Caffe Concerto

Café and restaurant with live songs.

Submitted by Sarah


The most recent gourmet hamburger joint on King's path - great for an indulgent but fast meal. Don't overlook the mac 'n' mozzarella cheese!

Submitted by Andrew


Tapas-style appetisers, game dishes and a rustic interior - an excellent restaurant for meal and supper with family and friends.

Posted by Jamie

The Orange

Who doesn't enjoy a whole roast cow?! The Sunday roast at The Orange is unquestionably generously sized...

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