At Wimbledon Magistrates

Wimbledon Magistrates

SIR – we recall going to Wimbledon Magistrates Court in 1972 as an experience.

One morning, I happened to be walking along, when I heard an almighty bang behind me. We looked around, and saw a motorcyclist lying-in the street, and a tiny car travelling in other course. We noted the subscription few the vehicle, and advised law enforcement, to whom We provided a statement.

Some times later on, I was asked to wait the courtroom, where in actuality the police prosecuted the motorist regarding the automobile. I was called as a witness, and duly provided my evidence, that has been not questioned. The accused was fined, had to pay courtroom expenses, and was presented with a five-year disqualification.

It had been all over in 20 moments.

Valentine Ramsey
Sherborne, Dorset

SIR – the newest move by the Government to cut back appropriate help prices, although admirable, is not likely to succeed if the record regarding the Ministry of Justice is anything to pass by. In early 2012, the ministry contracted from supply of court interpreters to used Language Services, of shortly purchased out by Capita.

Those who work in the ministry dismissed the advice distributed by many different professional bodies. Later, the agreement was subject to two home of Commons choose committee investigations. The president of just one associated with the committees found that: “The Ministry of Justice’s managing of outsourcing of courtroom interpreting solutions has-been nothing in short supply of shambolic.”

Because the agreement began, countless studies have had to be adjourned because of interpreters neglecting to attend. Despite protestations from judges, magistrates, barristers and judge staff, the ministry continues because of the contract.

Nigel D Moore
Devauden, Monmouthshire

Bad motorway driving

SIR – we applaud proposals by Stephen Hammond, the transport minister, to introduce on-the-spot fines for motorists which “hog” the center lane, tailgate drivers and commit other potentially dangerous offences (report, June 6).

But just how will these new rules be enforced? I see an ever-increasing few drivers blatantly making use of mobile phones and escaping recognition. Just how will the authorities, with depleting resources and personnel, be able to implement these brand new laws and regulations?

Colin Brown
Kenley, Surrey

SIR – How will these regulations affect the M25, also four-lane motorways, where the middle-lane drivers are so puzzled that they're liberally split between lanes two and three?

Jackie Gray
Goodworth Clatford, Hampshire

SIR – Will these suggested principles discourage lorry drivers from hogging the middle lane? We have all been section of a lengthy traffic queue behind two hefty vehicles going neck-and-neck for kilometers together attempts to overtake others.

Roy Corlett
Southport, Lancashire

SIR – along side many other careful, experienced motorists, we constantly drive-in the centre lanes of motorways at exactly 70mph. Any one who considers by themselves inconvenienced by this habit can only just wish to drive above the appropriate speed limitation and really should adhere to the exterior lane in which everybody seems to have exactly the same aim.

David Whitaker
Chawton, Hampshire

Unlocking potential

SIR – The recommendation by James Caan, the social transportation tsar, that

well-connected moms and dads should defy their all-natural instincts by maybe not helping their children getting employment until these are typically “seriously struggling” (report, June 4) is impractical and unhelpful.

We recently took a survey of several thousand present state-educated

sixth-formers to inquire of all of them whatever they believed was the greatest challenge for you to get in to the leading professions; 89 percent cited too little connections. This feeling of hopelessness leads to teenagers perhaps not bothering to try to get the top jobs, which will be a good pity for all of them in addition to economy alike.

Our organisation happens to be exposing state college pupils to leading companies like Ernst & teenage, Slaughter and could, and UBS at face to face events for the past eight many years. Quite a few pupils went onto win instruction agreements, internships and graduate roles.

Rather than convincing a company to take on a student since they are from a poorer background, we let the students’ merits talk for themselves. All they want is the right discussion board.

Sibyl Zao-Sanders
Handling Director, Pure Potential
London N1

Uplifting service

SIR – Hannah Betts’s feature (June 5) in regards to the demise of room service reminded me of whenever I always stay at Claridge’s when you look at the Nineties.

On one celebration, my wife and I returned to the resort on a Saturday afternoon laden up with shopping bags, simply to discover that there clearly was difficulty aided by the lift, which intended we'd to walk-up a couple of floors.

Shortly after time for our room, the management delivered wine and canapes to apologise when it comes to inconvenience. Since actually was space solution.

Vincent Shanahan
Northwood, Middlesex

Health tourists

SIR – Peter Kellner’s exemplary piece on people’s misconceptions about migrants and migration (, Summer 4) bands most evident for our work with Britain.

Reports look almost daily of “health tourists” coming to Britain to take advantage of the NHS. But during the London clinic we operate for migrants along with other susceptible men and women we realize that the opposite is happening: folks who are fully entitled to healthcare are not getting it, usually due to the misconceptions of GPs along with other health staff. Moreover, under 2 % of our service users kept their particular nation for personal health explanations, and almost half haven't any understanding or familiarity with the system in Britain and their directly to care.

Leigh Daynes
Executive Director, Médecins du Monde
London E14

SIR – we completely buy into the Speaker of the home of Commons that Eastern European immigrants frequently have a better mindset to work than indigenous British workers (report, Summer 5).

We also provide a lot of people with this crowded island. Whenever we could trade idle British workers for more industrious immigrants that might resolve the problem.

Would the Speaker and his partner volunteer to start out the basketball rolling?

Robin Wrigley
Verwood, Dorset

Winter gas perk

SIR – Derek Faulkner (Letters, Summer 4) requires why the winter gas allowance, which Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, feels should really be abolished, begins at 60 and not 65. This is because very easy – individuals just who drafted the legislation were civil servants and so they retire at 60. demonstrably, they didn’t wish to pass up for five years.

Max Goldwater
Meeth, Devon

SIR – ended up being Ed Balls auditioning when it comes to element of Inspector Clouseau as he stated that there had been no evidence your last Labour government had been profligate?

Bill Giles
Newhaven, East Sussex

Vegetative state

SIR – I was fascinated to read (report, Summer 4) that vegetarians evidently stay longer.

Whether this is real, or life simply seems much longer, is hard to express.

Robert Mizen
Holt, Wiltshire

Inspiring the new generation of younger royalists

SIR – Following a lengthy household tradition of attending royal events, I took my three-year-old girl, Florence, to London on Tuesday when it comes to coronation solution.

We thought it would be the most wonderful time to check out the Tower of London to start to see the crown jewels. In which St Edward’s Crown need been, there is a little label declaring that it was “in use” (report, Summer 4). A slight understatement, but therefore extremely Brit.

Jocasta Fearn
Haywards Heath, Western Sussex

SIR – St Edward’s Crown has not crowned every monarch since Charles II. Actually since Charles, just James II, William III, George V, George VI and also the current Queen have been crowned with-it.

Niall Garvie
Bromley, Kent

SIR – What hit me many concerning the coronation service was to understand unbroken continuity of monarchy sitting collectively.

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