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hungarian meat counterMA students of Hungarian at SSEES give a free account of what Hungarian in London tastes like.

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A Style of Hungary in Wimbledon

The smell of paprika wafted across the space to my nostrils the moment I stepped through doorway.

I experienced only experienced the look for a matter-of moments and I also could inform I would be witnessing the Hungarian Deli in Wimbledon very on a regular basis!

Pálinka (good fresh fruit liqueur) containers lined one shelf. Szalonna (lard) and szalámi (salami) filled another.

Jó napot!

We called out to the store associate, just who subsequently greeted me personally in Hungarian.

The second half an hour proved to be a great mix of bad Hungarian and strained English conversations about food, about language, about Hungary and New Zealand, and about all method of not related but similarly interesting things.

Kati, the shopkeeper, told me about her home town, Debrecen, and asked the reason why someone from New Zealand would like to learn Hungarian.

Never properly willing to answer this common concern, I muttered some thing about just becoming a fan of the nation while the language.

The reality is, the real reply to these types of a question is incredibly complex and multi-faceted.

How come I want to speak Hungarian?

wimbledon deliReally, because I want to spending some time in Hungary and Transylvania.

Because I don’t talk any foreign-language fluently however, and I also thought that Hungarian had been nearly as good a location as any to begin with.

Because I’ve constantly liked to complete things just a little differently, and learning Hungarian appeared like a far more exciting journey to embark on than other languages favoured by local English speakers.

Since it has actually a reputation as a difficult language, and at some point someday it could be nice to say that I am able to communicate on it.

Because I would like to have the ability to use it in a foreign matters career.

First and foremost, but i do want to talk Hungarian to ensure that I'm able to talk with Hungarians. I would like to spend some time in Hungary and also to feel the Hungarian way of life.

At SSEES, piece by piece, I am stepping closer to a knowledge of Hungarian in which this comprehension will be feasible.

Meeting Kati, the friendly Hungarian Deli assistant in Wimbledon, was these types of an uplifting knowledge. For this very first time since going to London, I had a genuine and natural conversation in Hungarian. It had been halting, it had been arbitrary; we mentioned a frozen packet of non-circular szilvásgombóc (sweet and savoury doublings filled with plums) and exchanged language. “Téglalap”, said she. “Rectangle”, said I. I pointed to a picture of two rabbits holding in the wall surface and requested “hogy hívják ezt?” – “what will they be called?”.

deli insideAnd therefore it ended up being that we arrived away from the Hungarian Deli in Wimbledon with a number of brand-new words of language, and some szalámi, a packet of meggy leves (sour cherry soup), some Túró Rudi (cottage cheese covered in chocolate), and – most splendidly – a brand new buddy. Kai and I intend to fulfill for coffee-and a chat about the joys of Hungary (and rabbits -“nyulak”) quickly.

Discover more about the Hungarian Deli on their website

Text and pictures by Rebecca McKeown, MA student of Hungarian, 2014-15.

Areas in North-West and north-east London have already been home to clusters of Polish and Romanian residents, with brand new stores providing especially for their communities and introducing items made in their particular native countries. Similar connection between residency and commercial activity relates to Hungarian communities.

There are a few Hungarian bakeries in London available, such Louis Patisserie in

Hampstead, that is operate by a multi-European staff and took its determination from Austro-Hungarian cakes and pastries. The Fornetti patisserie in Willesden Green, but is closer to a residential area conference point. It forms element of a chain that originated in Kecskemét, Hungary, and has shops all-over Hungary and the neighbouring nations. The staff is Hungarian plus it serves the exact same forms of pastries that can be found in Hungary.

Utilising the patisserie as a starting place, various other neighborhood things, voluntary or involuntary, expose on their own.

Text and picture by Maria Iulia Florutau, MA student of Hungarian, 2014-15.

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