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Bike Fitting ServicesCycling isn't just towards bicycle. It’s about producing perfect synergy between driver and device. It’s about comfort, it's about performance, it's about operating faster and further meaning getting a perfectly fitted bicycle.

Bike fitted changes the bike to match your body. Everyone differs and are also their particular bike suits. By taking in to account mobility, range of flexibility and operating style, our Trek trained fitters will allow you to to obtain your optimum biking place that may improve your comfort, overall performance and in addition reduce steadily the odds of injury.

Anyone who intends to drive a bike for any time frame would reap the benefits of having their position considered to make certain cycling effectiveness, convenience and injury prevention. All cyclists, in spite of how experienced could benefit from having an intensive evaluation within a Bike Fit. Females specifically can benefit from a bike fit as unfortuitously, you can still find fewer options available to ladies when buying a bike therefore Bike Fitting could be essential in achieving the perfect biking place.

You can expect the Bike Fitting Sevice at our Embankment and Wimbledon shops and our staff are fully trained, expert and friendly. We now have a lady cycle fitter who is able to be found at our Embankment store.

The bicycle Fitting service includes :

  • Interview to see your biking experience + objectives
  • Private measurements, for the crucial adapted fit
  • Standing Evaluation + Range of action assessment
  • Measure & Record of present cycle set-up
  • Apply & Test custom fit variables to customer’s bicycle
  • Record and summarise fit program

Cleat alignment forms section of our bicycle installing solution and customers should enable as much as 2 1/2 hours to accomplish the whole process.

get any pair of pedals and shoes and obtain free cleat alignment

The most important action after purchasing cycling shoes is to align the cleats precisely. They must be placed under or perhaps behind the basketball of this base and modified to stop tension toward hip, knee and foot joints. Note each base are various.

We two systems in-house (KeO Fit & RAD Kit) to allow us to assess a arranged and also make the mandatory corrections. Proper cleat positioning significantly reduces the risk of leg associated issues and improves pedalling performance.

Bicycle Fit Enquiry Form

Cleat Alignment £35
Bike Fit inc Cleat Align £130
Source: actionbikes.co.uk
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