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The writing below remains online to offer background information.

The Dons Trust is carrying-out a survey of AFC Wimbledon followers on prices of seats. The survey is available to all AFC Wimbledon supporters (not only Dons Trust people or season ticket holders) and it is open until 31 December 2014.

You'll finish the ticket rates survey online. [connect to review removed.]

We encourage you to definitely browse the back ground information below before completing the survey.


Dons Trust users is going to be aware that there's a long-standing commitment through the Board to consult on ticket prices. This dedication was originally made within a discussion at an SGM on solution prices for under 18s.

Regrettably, that commitment had been ignored and, by the time decisions had been made earlier in the day this season on prices for the 2014/15 period, it had been far too late to seek advice from. The DT Board happens to be rectifying this by doing assessment.

The purpose of consulting, but isn’t in order to honour a consignment on membership. Its correct that, in a supporter-owned club particularly AFC Wimbledon, we should seek advice from followers and users about the essential dilemma of the price of seeing baseball.

Understanding in which supporters are coming from can not only assist the DT Board consider future proposals from AFC Wimbledon board on pass rates, it will help profile the way the Trust goes about its influencing role within the larger realm of soccer governance.

There is a large number of factors that need to be considered towards method the club’s spending plan and admission costs are set. The most obvious consideration – that was the explanation for the 10percent cost enhance launched this year – is charging significantly more cash yields even more funds for the playing spending plan.

But you can find a complete number of additional considerations that have to be taken into account, and some choices behind the headline figure of a share enhance – like, alternatives about how solution prices are structured between adults, young ones and concessions, between different parts of the bottom, and between season tickets and matchday seats.

It's our purpose, throughout the coming months, be effective through those alternatives with followers, exploring just what the choices tend to be and exactly what their particular consequences might-be.

In order to achieve that many effectively, we first want to get a more basic knowledge of in which followers are arriving from from the problem of rates. Which will help united states contour the details that people provide and the questions we ask.

We have separated the assessment into two split phases.

  • Inside first stage, we have been deliberately asking some very broad concerns – testing out where supporters are coming from in principle, whatever they already understand about these problems, and their particular private conditions. We'll analyse and think on that information, and will publish initial conclusions during the early 2015.
  • We're going to then consult once more – with targeted questions, exploring real alternatives and trade-offs, and backed up by the information that people need so that you can answer those concerns.

It stays to be noticed what the results of this consultation may be. At the least, it should yield information that can help the Dons Trust and football club panels inside their decision-making.

It's also possible so it could cause proposals for specific choices by Dons Trust users – as an example, to need assessment to take place occasionally. At this stage we remain open-minded, and appearance toward reading your views.

Go to the Phase 1 study. [Link to survey removed.]

As with all pages regarding the Dons Trust site, discover a ‘Comments’ part below. Go ahead and make use of it to share your views with fellow Wimbledon followers, but kindly do in addition complete the study which can only help make sure that your views aren’t missed – the study includes a ‘free text’ area where you could compose your opinions.

AFC Wimbledon v Watford, PSF, 23/07/11
AFC Wimbledon v Watford, PSF, 23/07/11
AFC Wimbledon 1-2 Liverpool - Steven Gerrard double denies
AFC Wimbledon 1-2 Liverpool - Steven Gerrard double denies ...
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