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Every couple of months we have a unique thread (started frequently by a grad student or younger specialists) about renting in good and safe section of Greenville, which all of us agree may be the Bells Fork location (for leasing - owning is an entire different conversation). I'm for the reason that location each day and have always been really familiar with it, thus I've put together a summary of rentals the basic Bells Fork area. I figure any time there clearly was a new bond requesting this tips we could only easily direct them to the thread for full information. For this record the chart is Firetower Rd. from Evans to 14th St., to Red Banks Rd., down Arlington Blvd, crossing straight down shortly onto County Home Rd., including Charles Blvd. in-between. I've divided it into four groups based on reputation and appearances (in no certain order within each group) from highest to lowest. Clearly We haven't lived in each one of these places, so other's opinions and experiences may vary. Additionally, even though many of those places are no distinct from other Greenville buildings, these ranks come in contrast to those who work in Bells Fork only. Please note that numerous among these are condos, townhomes, and duplexes which can be independently possessed, but they are accessible to lease through different advertising mediums. I denoted these with an asterisk (*). I'm only covering buildings here, perhaps not subdivisions of domiciles.

Considered to be in greatest respect:
-Wimbledon Pointe Apts
-Breezewood Condos*
-Turtle Creek Condos*
-Hyde Park Condos
-Tara Condos*
-Covengton Square Condos*
-Locksleys Woods Condos*
-Quail Ridge Townhomes*
-Kittrell Facilities Townhomes*
-Grey Fox Run Condos*
-Dudley's Grant Townhomes*
-The Tree Top Neighborhood*
(excluding Tree Top Villas)

Above Typical Complexes:
-Melbourne Court Apts.
-Trafalgar Square Apts.
-Cape Point Terrace & Townhomes*
-Arlington Park Terrace Homes*
-Belle Meade Apts.
-Bells Fork Crossing Apts.
-Forbes Woods Condos*
-Courtney Square Apts.
-Arlington Square Apts.
-Wimbledon Court Apts.
(distinctive from Wimbledon Pointe)
-Tree Tops Apts. (all 1 rooms)
(close to Tree Tops neighbor hood, although not part of it)

Normal & Basic Complexes:
-Whitebridge Apts.
-Bridge Ct. (duplexes)*
-Bradford Park Apts.
-Windy Ridge Townhomes*
-Upton Legal Townhomes*
-Colindale Court Townhomes*
-Tower Village Apts.
-Summerhaven (duplexes)*
-The Exchange (pupil housing complex)
-The Bellamy (student housing complex)
(the very last two are geared towards undergrads and lease by the area.)

Bad Profile:
-Rosemont Apts.
-Wedgewood Arms Apts.
-Oakmont Square Apts.
-Oakmont Drive (3 tiny townhome complexes here, nothing well worth looking at)*
-Carriage House Townhomes (actually just an awful location, despite their new whitewash paint task!)

I believe I indexed all complexes in the area, and I hope it will help in individuals analysis and decisions!

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