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Youth Counselling (Age 15-24)

If you are experiencing down, uncertain what to do, please call us.

Our Youth Counselling provider is well established. It provides guidance to teenagers living, learning or working in the borough of Merton amongst the many years of 15 - 24 many years. Guidance for under 18's is completely no-cost and above that age is charged based on means. Clients can self-refer, might be offered to 60 sessions and don't need parental authorization. This really is a great solution providing important, professional support for young adults.

What does childhood counselling expense?

All guidance solutions tend to be free for under 18's. What this means is you may not pay any preliminary assessment charge either. Over 18's just pay whatever they are able to afford.

Just how do I make a consultation?

If you want to talk to somebody confidentially please call us on 020 8296 0030 to talk with our front desk staff, who will arrange an initial consultation with a professional counsellor.

Starting Hours

We're available:

Monday to Thursday 9am - 10pm
Friday 9am - 8pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm

Call us on 020 8296 0030 to arrange a short consultation

Our Counselling and Pro Training Solutions

Our Counselling and expert Training solutions work from
1st Floor, Guild Home,
30-32 Worple Path,
Wimbledon SW19 4EF

Classes happen at our training venue behind Guild home.

T 020 8296 0030 Age

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