Horse riding Wimbledon

js_11 higher level intensive personal

Advanced intensive program (personal)

This program is great for those who are driving abilities Level 5 or 6. Over six one-hour sessions, you certainly will improve and build your biking method. You'll run stability and driving in equilibrium with your horse in most paces. Theory subjects could also be helpful to advance promote comprehension of and empathy with the horse.

Tuesday-Friday Members: £120
Non Members: £480
09.00, 10.15, 11.30 or 14.00 6 60 minutes lessons to-be booked ahead of time and taken within a six-week duration

Advanced course

This course was created for the more experienced rider, currently competent throughout three paces and keen to build up the finesse to just take their biking one step further. Targets tend to be a deeper chair and much more efficient utilization of the helps. The emphasis will be on the utilization of the half-halt, working into the bridle as well as the concepts of horizontal work.

Riders should be able to work on a far more high level, and can have a greater understanding of how-to enhance the horse’s overall performance.

Tuesdays – Friday People: from COMPLIMENTARY
Non-Members: £325 per term
1 hour weekly Six-weeks

Leaping course

If you’re secure in all three paces, have the ability to ride college movements precisely plus in full control and you also’ve frequently seen enviously as horse and rider effortlessly pop fences, this is basically the program for you.

js_14 higher level courseStarting with easy pole work and progressing through grid work, this program is designed to give you the abilities and confidence needed to achieve the ultimate goal of a detailed and proficient round over a little length of walls.

Wednesday 09.00
Thursday 14.00
Members: from FREE
Non people: £325 per term
6 days

Improver dressage training course

Created for those cyclists at Preliminary dressage amount, in a position to drive in a forward and balanced manner, this program will be able to work towards achieving better engagement and ability to vary tempo within any gait, also producing and maintaining impulsion through accurate transitions. Rein back and lengthening may also be covered, in addition to course will continue to work towards riding a Novice dressage test regarding the last time.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
10.30 – 12.30
Users: from £225 per term
Non users: £650 per term
A couple of hours weekly

Desperate horse-wives

js_16 advanced level leaping courseDesperate for a justification to escape work or your domestic chores? Require some quality ‘me’ time? Fed up with the fitness center and over yoga? – after comments from a few of our feminine clients, we chose to develop a concept tailored for ladies who like to have some fun and spend time with like-minded people and, above all, love the thought of riding!

The hopeless Horse-wives Course would work for ladies of all of the many years at any amount of driving capability who are keen to learn simple tips to drive or even to boost their biking in an amiable, fun environment. We meet at 10.45am every Wednesday for a 45 moment program of Horse Care and Stable control over coffee, accompanied by one hour’s biking.

Stun friends and family together with your new-found skills in all things equine! Get in on the Desperate Horse-wives Course and see what enjoyable horse riding could be

Wednesday 10.45-12.30 People: from £50 per term
Non-Members: £325 per term
One hour and 45 mins

Offered during half-term and vacation periods, this course happens to be created for ‘intermediate’ degree bikers (those acquainted trot diagonals, canter prospects and fundamental college motions) to combine their particular skills and focus on areas for improvement. Over four half-day sessions instruction will focus on the development of balance and a deeper seat through much more subtle, yet efficient, utilization of the helps, while day-to-day lecture/demos will illustrate and make clear things covered.

See Begin Dates Users from: £270
Non-Members: £455

Advanced one day driving training course

Well suited for those skilled cyclists who wants to spend each and every day perfecting their particular skills in dressage or bouncing! Each rider is assigned unique instructor the early morning program to ensure they may be able concentrate and advance joyfully at their particular rate. They are going to then join an organization training or hack into the mid-day. Riders ought to be amount 5 or 6.

The lunch/coffee break time provides you with possibility to explore the pubs, restaurants & stores in Wimbledon Village.

Users: £120
Non Users: £220
09.00 – 12.30 Tues and Fri
js_17 improver dressage program Intensive four day course js_10 higher level 1 day intensive program js_13 hopeless housewives -
Riding Jazz on Wimbledon Common - 19th January 2016 (1/2)
Riding Jazz on Wimbledon Common - 19th January 2016 (1/2)
Dressage - Turn left when riding horse
Dressage - Turn left when riding horse
Wimbledon Common Horse Ride
Wimbledon Common Horse Ride
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