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An expert tennis player has lost their aspiration and has dropped in ranking to 119. Thankfully for him, he meets a player on the ladies' circuit which assists him recapture their focus for Wimbledon.


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  • Cool! The best Tennis MovieI've been waiting a number of years for a genuine playing tennis movie, last but not least here it really is and it also will not let you down. Typically I do not feel compelled to comment on the orifice credits, nevertheless the sequence is really so brilliant i need to. While you notice a ball being whacked back and forth, the credits start appearing to your far remaining of the display, then the far right, backwards and forwards. Unexpectedly you understand everybody in the theater is craning their particular minds to and fro. The movie producers have actually just gotten everybody else acting like a tennis group. You know immediately the movie was made by somebody who in fact watches playing tennis.

    The movie has a fair number of amusing comedy, such as how no body except for Peter Colt can seem to understand that Peter Colt ended up being when ranked 11th. He is mildly affluent in which he's never ever already been hungry, but at 31 he is starting to be a tad too old for playing tennis so he decides it is the right time to say goodbye the racket after Wimbledon.

    The movie does a great job of showing the various kinds of football pro's undergo. There's the experienced player versus the novice. There is the friend versus buddy match. There's the video game in which many people are cheering for the various other guy. And finally, there's the overall game where you play your worst enemy.

    Because of the end associated with the movie, could realize why tennis winners usually fall-down on lawn and start weeping after they win the title. We have one question though - why the @*%& performed they use a rap tune after this film?

  • Tennis Movie'sThere aren't many Tennis movies when an individual does come-out, Tennis fans
    tend to be fast to view it and quick to guage it. In addition to being a movie
    about Britain's popular Wimbledon Tennis Tournament its an intimate
    comedy. I think a lot of people which start to see the movie and are also disappointed
    aided by the so called lack of Tennis moments tend to be forgetting the film is
    also about the love amongst the two tennis people (Paul Bettany and
    Kirsten Dunst.) I adored the film, I was thinking it was quirky, intimate
    and enjoyable. You can find loads of real-life tennis partners which film is
    an excellent example of how two people from various locations and upbringings
    can change both's everyday lives. If you like enchanting comedyies or sports
    films than we absolutely recommend this film.source10/10
  • Serviceable Romantic Comedy"Wimbledon" is yet another one particular acceptable, English-flavored intimate comedies that many years past would have starred a stammering Hugh give. This time around the principals are professional playing tennis players and also the environment is Wimbledon. Paul Bettany makes for a intimate lead-in the give mold without the latter's often annoying cloying and in addition is convincing as a tennis player at the tail-end of their job. But Kirsten Dunst, the love interest, while offering an extremely likable overall performance, doesn't look her component. She is maybe not helped because of the screenplay, which does not provide this lady as a really powerful match. In fact, the character appears more like one which usually would be setup as opponent, lacking the current weather of "intended". More evoking the film to encounter lower than compelling: Every character, save one, is great, rendering it almost conflict-free. Maybe not a waste of time, but nothing unforgettable, "Wimbledon" is a tension-free, pick-me-up: the film exact carbon copy of a lightly-flavored carbonated liquid: effervescent, but lacking any distinct taste.source6/10
  • Sparkling, Witty Sports Rom/Com
    I have been waiting to see this movie since I have very first found out about the shoot. I like Wimbledon the area, but was also suitably impressed by Wimbledon the film.

    This has been compared to my other favourite activities rom/com 'The innovative' and I also certainly agree. The essential story happens to be done - washed up pro discovers love with upcoming brand-new celebrity and gets his 2nd wind - but it doesn't mean that it can't be done once again, and done really.

    Paul Bettany ended up being exemplary and I also was much more happy to see him than Hugh give, and Kirsten Dunst played the competitive brat well.

    The script had some genuinely funny moments, with Jon Favreau taking some of the best lines.

    Everybody knows the way the motion picture will turn-out at the end, but this does nothing to detract from this on the whole. Mind power is not needed to view this movie, but that makes it even more enjoyable.

    I excitedly await the DVD release and present Wimbledon 9/10.

  • Entertaining Sports Romance ComedyThis fun, displaying romance of a movie would been better obtained because of the bigger movie-going audience in the event that sport's focus was on America - but still, regarding anti-Brit - that simply too bad. I liked the movie and even as an old senior high school tennis player, I also found the tennis views believable and interesting - this motion picture had a good stability between its romance and sport (something most sport-romance films often are not able to manage to do). Although the romance and action had been typical, the basic flavor of movies these days have advanced quite, including Wimbledon. It's not fun and games. There are even losings. But getting into the tennis player's mind, namely Paul Bettany, was an excellent touch combined with decent tennis action. A necessity see for feminine tennis players just who like a bit of romance along with whoever likes tennis and behind-the-scenes comedy and entertainment.
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