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Wimbledon Massage

Select a range of over 50 health, beauty and leisure spa remedies after all of your spa LONDON areas. Our spa remedies are particularly tailored to particular forms of restorative data recovery and leisure. spa LONDON at Wimbledon provides a varied array of spa remedies administered by friendly and completely skilled practitioners who possess received certain internal education.

spa LONDON Signature

spa LONDON Escape in City Salt Scrub
25mins £37
This excellent epidermis softening human body exfoliation combines ocean salts, nourishing coconut oil mixed with this trademark essential oil to go out of the skin moisturised, smooth and smooth.

spa LONDON System Massage
50mins £59
Utilizing a variety of therapeutic massage practices this therapeutic massage destresses your brain plus the human body leaving you comfortable as well as serenity. Made to relieve muscle tension and to alleviate pains and aches.

spa LONDON Back, Face and Head
50mins £59
Allow your brain to drift into a dream, while your back massaged utilizing our signature oil combination, the procedure is completed by turning you over and using some pressure points and massage moves on the face completing upon the head to leave you in an entire tranquil state.

Total Salon Knowledge
50mins £59
Relax and unwind with this complete therapy enabling you to get a variety of experiences in a single. Start out with a full human anatomy exfoliation with a great coconut wipe, after that be drizzled with a warm nourishing milk which will cocoon you. whilst your own skin in taking in the moisturising properties see your face is gently cleansed and exfoliated. Thoughts is broken showered after this you have the comfort touch of hot rocks which are placed on your skin alongside our wonderful coconut oil leaving you calm and also at comfort.

The Midas Touch – Gold Treatment
90mins £70
an unique exfoliation ritual to go out of skin radiant and hydrated. A golden elixir cleansing foot ritual makes you for the trip. Your skin will be profoundly cleansed, polished and softened with your signature gold human anatomy scrub, followed by a Thai design compress massage to revitalise muscle tissue and re-balance your primary Sen networks. Your trip is going to be completed with a software of fantastic honey to go out of skin radiant, vibrant and flawless.

Hammam Signature

Hammam Essentials
Short of time? Choose or combine listed here to enhance the advantages you get from our hammam:

Comprehensive Body Black Soap Clean, Scrub & Clean 25mins/£22

Full Body Black Soap Clean & Wash 15mins/£12

Full System Mineral Salt Scrub 15mins/£12

Complete System Rassoul Clay Envelopment with Head Massage 25mins/£22

Comprehensive System Shea Butter Body Rub 25mins/£22

Hammam Specialities
These could be provided without the hammam if needed.

Los angeles Sultane de Saba Deep Clean Rassoul
60mins £45
a cleansing ritual makes your skin before a customised recipe, blended for you personally, envelops the body, using pure Moroccan lava clay, Honey and Shea Butter. This supplement and mineral rich treatment does draw out the toxins, conditions and restructures the skin’s tissue too obvious improve texture, look and tone. Completing with a shea butter therapeutic massage.

Los angeles Sultane de Saba Honey, Ginger & Caffeine Slimming Treatment
60mins £45
Incorporating an invigorating, blood supply boosting scrub accompanied by a particular anti-cellulite massage with intense massage techniques. The action of ginger with ayurvedic spruce, recognised because of its anti-oxidant properties, and honey with rich hydrating abilities, tend to be mixed with caffeinated drinks, to increase the eradication of fats for an all-round cellulite busting and slimming treatment.

La Sultane de Saba renewing Rose Ritual
60mins £45
The essence of fresh roses with age-old traditions rejuvenate and relax the mind whilst banishing dryness to reveal petal-soft rosy skin from top to toe. Including rose mineral
salt exfoliation, rose-infused body wrap, organic anti-ageing facial massage and complete the bouquet a head and shoulder massage with rosewater misting.
Extend to add a Rose Oil Comprehensive System Rub 30mins £22

Therapeutic Massage

spa LONDON Back Massage
25mins £37
Localised regarding the back location a combination of therapeutic massage strategies are acclimatized to relieve muscle tension and also to alleviate pains and aches. Making your back un-knotted and stress free.

Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage
50mins £65
A deep rhythmic pressure therapeutic massage that eases anxiety and hurting muscle tissue. This effective customised therapeutic massage revives the sensory faculties making use of a dynamic blend of essential essential oils which can be prescribed to your individual requirements.

Choose from;

  • stress-a-way: wind down and launch the stress for the time.
  • spirit reviver: a robust serge to invigorate and charge.
  • muscle mass melt: relax and re-energise a tired hurting human body.
  • chakra balancing: reconnect your brain, human body and heart.

Elemis Aroma Stone Treatment
75mins £75
Thermodynamic basalt rocks are massaged over the human anatomy once the therapeutic heat releases gradually into the stomach for the muscle for a whole brand-new human body experience and maximum relaxation. Tiny stones are put on crucial energy points, whilst a luxurious warmed oil is smoothed to the epidermis to enhance health. Designed to melt away all human body stress.

Los angeles Sultane de Saba Malaysian Bamboo rub for Face and the body
90mins £85
A-deep massage strategy passed through generations of Lotud Dusuns, a tribe from Sabah. Known for its curative and de-stress capabilities producing a feeling of warmth from within. The face area and the body are cleansed before a top-to-toe bamboo stick massage, incorporating fast pressures with stretching-rolling practices.

La Sultane de Saba Ayurvedic Massage
70mins £70
Harnessing the powers of Ayurveda to revive energy and produce balance. As candle-light flickers, you're cocooned in mesmerising Ayurvedic-inspired recipes. Beginning with a spice scrub prior to the shirodara dish drizzles oil across key points (chakras), after that natural herb compresses therapeutic massage the whole human anatomy, carefully releasing temperature and generating a harmonious movement of energy. A profound feeling of peace and mild stillness prevail.

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Report from Wimbledon leisure centre showing the cockroach ...
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