Did Andy Murray win today at Wimbledon


The match stats talk on their own really. Despite struggling with his first offer, Murray won 82 per cent of their things compared to Haase's 63 per cent. Haase's unforced mistakes count (27) ultimately proved their undoing. That is one match the Dutchman is going to be keen to forget about on the go and mark it straight down as simply a negative trip to any office. We have all had some of those.


Poor old Robin Haase. You must feel when it comes to Dutchman. It just was not a competition nowadays as well as the legal One spectators seemed slightly shell-shocked at what they had been witnessing. Listed here is Murray having some kind terms for Haase.

I began the match well, very quickly, Robin was slower, he played better playing tennis in the exact middle of the next set. He has got great variety inside the game."

Murray's requested what he'll say when he gets house today. He's bemused by the type of questioning, simply saying he'll simply go-off and also a chat along with his camp. Murray will play either Andreas Seppi or Borna Coric in the 3rd round on Saturday afternoon.

MURRAY* 6-1, 6-1, 6-4 HAASE

Huge cheers go up as Murray comes out to provide for the match. They know very well what's coming. He begins superbly striking a forehand champion past a stranded Haase in the web. A well-crafted forehand which will be dinked across web and sails previous Haase takes him to 30-0 but that was better play because of the Dutchman and an attractive rally. Murray consistently toy together with opponent in the next and directs a backhand champion past him to carry up three match things. The initial goes begging as he hits to the tramlines. But he takes it on second whenever Haase can't make another solution return. MURRAY WINS THIRD SET-TO SUMMARY COMPLEMENT.

MURRAY 6-1, 6-1, 5-4 HAASE*

Haase recovers from 0-30 down seriously to draw amount by operating round a backhand to whip a forehand into the deuce judge. Just their 2nd ace of match takes him to game point when Murray strikes a short basketball in to the lines, he about makes certain Murray will provide the match.

MURRAY* 6-1, 6-1, 5-3 HAASE

Haase tries different things, anything really, very different. With Murray on the point of deliver an overhead back, Haase sprints like their life is dependent on it toward web. That knows the reason why? To put down Murray perhaps? It generally does not act as Murray strikes into the bare judge preventing wellying their opponent. It really is some enjoyment for legal One audience, it has been just a little flat.

Entirely now, effortless, easy, easy

MURRAY 6-1, 6-1, 4-3 HAASE*

Murray puts on his sprinting footwear to chase down a fall chance and deliver a backhand champion down the line then moves to 0-30 whenever Haase miscues another drop shot - this one not reaching the root of the net. Haase has an age to deliver straight down a volley, he helps it be, but Murray comes back the favor and gets him to send another overhead down. At second effort, he wraps within the point. For the first time within the match, Murray allows aside a groan while he overeggs an additional solution return. But a double fault from Haase, his 6th for the match, gift-wraps Murray some slack point. He's got the killer break-in the third whenever Haase strikes another wayward forehand broad. Is this in fact the real Robin Haase?? You probably feel for him. MURRAY BREAKS.

MURRAY* 6-1, 6-1, 3-3 HAASE

With Haase's online game continuing to fluctuate, Murray is keeping his mind and steers out a comfy hold to love, using it as soon as the Dutchman cranks another return from the top of his racket.

MURRAY 6-1, 6-1, 2-3 HAASE*

Haase is clearly trying to find the responses to methods of preventing Murray, but he's getting caught in two minds after which losing things anyhow. This time around he attempts to throw-in another fall chance, but his limp work falls at root of the net. Fortunately for him, Murray doesn't join him at a flash and three wayward strikes brings up a 3rd game regarding the set for Haase.

MURRAY* 6-1, 6-1, 2-2 HAASE

Murray slam dunks a volley to pin Haase behind the standard after which directs straight down a good first serve which takes him to 40-15. Whenever Haase strikes another service-return broad, it's another comfortable hold for Murray.

MURRAY 6-1, 6-1, 1-2 HAASE*

Murray converts defence into assault very quickly while he skips to help make one forehand winner for 0-30. Haase keeps his head to draw degree since the clock ticks at night hour mark. Haase cranks one return off the top of his racket at hand Murray another have a look at a break point. However superb offensive play which forces Murray to pass him and miss takes him to deuce. Haase somes some course and finesse on next rally, nearly winning it twice but eventually having the better of Murray with a well-disguised fall shot for benefit. And the Dutchman allows out his biggest 'C'Mon regarding the the mid-day as he eventually keeps.

MURRAY* 6-1, 6-1, 1-1 HAASE

Haase eventually swings at a return and makes it due to the fact basketball whizzes past Murray regarding the baseline. Sympathetic cheers ring round. The sound is turned-up another notch when Haas chases down and strikes a forehand cross-court winner but Murray sets him back his package with a good very first serve. Murray shows soft hands during the net to go to benefit then punches a half-volley to the place which Haase connects to but heavens.

MURRAY 6-1, 6-1, 0-1 HAASE*

Haase features nothing to readily lose now. Just when he seems having his service game ready to go, he throws an additional double-fault to carry Murray right back in. Haase gets the wipe associated with green when Murray misjudges one forehand as soon as Haase sends down his fastest serve associated with match (122mph), he's his nostrils in the front this ready.

MURRAY* 6-1, 6-1 HAASE

In a flash, Murray raises three ready points after yet more bad time from Haase. The Dutchman leaps on a sluggish second serve and in some way stays in the rally despite yet much more poor chance selection, but at somehow manages to truly save one of these. Murray is caught in 2 minds as a-deep Haase return lands regarding baseline and then he directs a return very long. But he eventually wraps up the second ready, when Haase once more shoots himself inside base. MURRAY WINS THE 2ND SET.

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